Wednesday, February 9, 2011

By Request

This week it is going to short and sweet...
I've been requested to show some pictures of the ship. So here goes...enjoy....

Isla Roatan Beach from the Ship Today

Lido Deck

Lido Deck and Waterslide

Largest Waterslide at Sea in the world

Dream Bar

Glass Elevators


Crimson Restaurant

Crimson Restaurant

Burgundy Lounge

Encore Showroom

Encore Showroom

Art Gallery - Largest Collection of Original Peter Max at Sea

My Home Away From Home
Cloud 9 Spa

Spa Reception Desk

Couples Treatment Room

One of my two treatment rooms

Same room different view

And last but not least...Home Sweet Home

From My Bed

Edge of My Bed

From My Desk

From Mid Room


Well that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing what the ship looks like. Also be assured this is only a small portion of the Dream. She is 1004 feet long, 122 feet wide and 15 decks....

And lets end with a couple shots of todays sunset as we left the port of Isla Roatan

45 mintues before sunset

Not much better then a sunset at sea

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