Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Some Pics of Play Time

Eanna and Vega at Enna's Birthday Bash (crew lounge)

Spa Girls Dressed to Kill in the Crew Bar

Eanna, Raj and Me at the Crew Bar

Cozumel - No Name Bar with the Spa Girls, Vega and Ben

Vega and the Spa Girls

Amorica and Sara

Too Much Fun in Cozumel

Me and the "Techno-Babe" Sara in Cozumel

Crew Hot Tub on the Dream after Cozumel

Today at Paradise Point in St Thomas with the Spa Girls

Paradise Point Fun with the Spa Girls

Too Much Fun - Paradise Point, St. Thomas

Behind the Green Door - St Thomas

Door #1 or Door #2

Old St. Thomas Bank

Hibiscus Row

Just liked the shapes, shadows and colors

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