Monday, May 2, 2011


Sorry, once again it has taken so long to get back to answer question and to post.

QUESTION ASKED “are my figures before or after taxes?”
I just did the numbers and I am averaging just under $900 a week after taxes. My tax rate is close to 33%. I also have a new high for weekly tips of $607.

Now I’d like to address some work stuff.

Once again I have altered my embark speech as I have only a matter of a couple of minutes with the guests. What I now say is “My name is Larry Pannell and I am the onboard acupuncturist. It is my job to do a couple of things, one to welcome you aboard and the other is to let you know how I can make not only your cruise but your life a little bit better. One is to relieve you from any stress that you might be feeling as acupuncture works extremely well relieving stress and the effects of stress. Second is to take away any pain that you might be experiencing. Anything for neck pain, shoulder back, knee, elbow it doesn’t matter as acupuncture works extremely well for all type of pain. Are you experiencing any type of pain? I can help you with that. I am offering free consultations tonight and it will only take 10-15 minutes of your time.” If asked how much a treatment is I state,  “if you decide to get a treatment I can offer you a 20% discount saving you $30. This works very well for me and I sign an average of 10 people for consults during embark.

I found it an advantage to have your entire seminar “stuff” together. When I was in St. Thomas I went to Kmart, yes they have a Kmart, and bought a clear plastic box. It is about 12x8x12 and holds everything I use in my seminars. All I have to do is grab it and I know I have not forgotten anything.

In it I have a few single folders that holds my seminar sign in forms, a clipboard, pens, appointment cards, cables, an adapter for the projector, needling supplies, a couple bottles of herbs etc. The cables and adapter I am referring to is if you own a Mac you will need to bring your own cables and adapter in order to plug into the projector to give your Intro to Acupuncture Seminar. As far as the other seminars I don’t use a projector as I have limited access to it.

Also don’t be taken by surprise like I was. on my first sea day when the assistant manger came up to me and said “do you know you have a seminar?  My reply was “am I taking it or giving it?” as I had many training seminars when I first arrived. She said giving and then I asked when and what was the subject, “in 30 minutes and on Pain and Arthritis”. This same thing happened at the end of the week when I found out I had an Herb Seminar to give. It’s amusing now but when only given with 30 minutes notice on my second day it was not so funny then.

Today I am in Cozumel. I became friends with one of the taxi drivers from my last few trips here and he is taking some friends and myself on an island tour for $80. We are going sightseeing the entire island as well the Mayan ruins and will be gone for about 5 hours. I’m meeting him at the 7/11 where he will be waiting with his car and a cooler filled with ice in the trunk.

Last week I went with a friend to St. Johns when we were in St. Thomas. You have to take a taxi to the far side of St. Thomas and then a ferry to St. Johns. Once there we took a tour of the entire island for $25. It was incredible and very beautiful. I promise to post pictures of St. John, Cozumel and also another place that I visited on Roatan, Honduras last week. I am really behind working on my photos.

So that is it for now. I’ll post pictures when I can and I promise it will be soon

Here is a taste. Las Palmas in Roatan.

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