Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay time to get this going again. I am on my way to my next ship the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas joining on 8/19.

Ports of call so far are Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand and Australia. Lucky me!

After leaving the Carnival Dream I visited family and friends, worked on private clients and took my grandkids Basil and Dioni on a road trip from Sun Valley, Idaho to Mammoth Lakes Ca., Disneyland and Yosemite.

Now it is time to get busy with work and preparing to join the Rhapsody. Over the last few weeks I have been getting everything together and been in contact with Stephanie Kimbers.

I have made sure all my paperwork is together and I have 2 copies of everything. That includes getting your medical done from an “approved” maritime doctor. Do this well in advance at least 4-6 weeks prior to joining your ship. I had to apply and received an Australian Visa so that is completed. Also in this case I had to send paperwork to the London office for a “Seaman’s Book” which is required by Royal Caribbean.  Make sure you also have a valid passport that has time to spare according to Steiner regs and either Stephanie or Dan will send you your immigration papers. So to recap when you join the ship make sure you have a valid passport, medical, immigration papers, any visa. I also have copies of acupuncture license and nccaom certification.

I have my flight information from Steiner and it is confirmed. I have also confirmed my transportation needs to and from the airport and to and from the hotel in my port of departure. I personally like to arrive a couple days ahead of time just in case there are any problems with the flight. So in my case I am arriving in Seattle on 8/17 and I board of 8/19. It is also a good idea to arrive at the ship around 10am to embark. Hopefully you can get on a bit early rather then be rushed getting to your cabin and then to spa tours. Your first day is crazy anyhow so you want to make it as easy on yourself as you can…good luck with that…lol

So I guess that is all I can post to this point. Once I get on board and catch my breath I’ll start posting with “Work Hard” and “Play Hard”. As before I will be honest about everything I encounter and give all of you any information I think that will either help you on your ship or help you decide if this is something you want to try.

Also any of you seasoned “acupuncturists at sea” please give me any insight you have. I certainly don’t have all the answers and would greatly appreciate any of your thoughts and suggestions helping me to become better at my job.

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