Thursday, January 27, 2011

Costa Maya.....

Now We Are Talking…

It’s 76 degrees, 75% humidity and a slight breeze…

Costa Maya

I received a nice surprise today and actually ended up with another split shift. With that said I went ashore in Costa Maya.

Costa Maya Waterfront

Of course there is touristville where the pier meets the beach. On either side are stretches of sand beaches alternating with rock outcroppings. I made my way through the crowd and caught a bus into town for $3.

Once in town you are let off and directed to the malecon. It is small shops and vendors on one side and a beautiful sandy beach on the other lined with palm trees. The beach also is lined with row after row of lounge chairs and massage vendors offering their services.

Costa Maya Malecon Beach

Another familiar sight for me was the pangeros. Fishing here is $60-$75 per hour on the surface and maybe less once you get down to brass tacks. Apparently there is permit, wahoo, atun, pez gallo and groupa. I also saw it is more like San Carlos as the one of the pangeros I spoke with was rigging ballyhoo, something we don’t do in baja.

Pangas…Gotta Love Them

I even found at the far end of the malecon a small place selling breaded, not grilled taco de pescado. However they do not use white sauce like in baja. Anther difference is the michilada (sp). Instead of baja style of lemon juice, cervesa and sal it is spices similar to salsa, tobasco, lemon, cervesa and sal and very good for $3. Also beers are anywhere from $1-$2 for he usual stuff.

After a bite to eat I walked a block off the malecon to find the local tienda to buy a few odds and ends and then headed back to the ship on a $2 taxi ride.

Tequila Beach

As I have not been able as of yet to explore the interior of any place I’ve traveled I will say I enjoyed Costa Maya the best. It’s small, beautiful, great beaches, great food and drink that is very reasonable and only costs a couple bucks to get away from it all. I can’t wait to try fishing at some point and really feel like I’m back home in Mexico.

Costa Maya


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