Thursday, November 17, 2011


I’ve been asked to share some of the things that have made me successful over the last few weeks especially with getting high numbers. As all of us know it can really be just the luck of the draw with the guests that are on board.

The last two cruises I’ve really I’ve done great and my numbers have reflected it with over $16,000 on one cruise and $11,000 on the next. But on this cruise it has been really tough. I’m at $4,500 with two sea days, which sound good but in reality I’m bothered by it. But then again it is just the luck of the draw.

Usually I have great percentages booking from my seminars around 60%-70%. But this week in two seminars I’ve probably had close to 50 guests and only booked 8 or 9. Again as we all know luck has a great deal to do with things. This cruise has been a really hard sell not only for bookings but also for retail. I usually have high retail almost always in the high 30%’s and even as high as 47% at one point. So far this week I am at 17%. Then again I still have to give my herb seminar and my number usually go up afterwards.

For the most part what works for me is I’m told I’m a likeable guy. I do my best to be honest with my guests and tell them the truth about if I feel I can help them or not. I never push herbs on people I don’t think that will benefit from them. I never tell someone I can help them if I don’t think I can. And I never tell anyone that I can cure them.

In fact during my seminars I make a point of telling them that “anyone that says they can guarantee you 100% that they can cure you is lying to you. I don’t care if it is a western md or an eastern physician, nobody can promise you 100% they can cure you. But I can promise you 100% that I will do everything I can think of to help you.”

A good friend of mine used to teach college. One thing he told me about teaching is to know what you are talking about, be prepared and make them laugh. I do my best to keep this in mind and practice it.

I’d like to think I know what I am talking about, I am always prepared and I make a point of tossing out a couple laugh lines that are relevant to the subject being discuss.

A case in point is when I am discussing weight loss and the herbs in my seminars I use to help them I will say, “you might be wondering why someone out of shape is discuss how to lose weight”. This always gets a laugh and then I will add “in the last six weeks I’ve lost 22 pounds by taking herbal formulas and the detox program offered by James (the trainer).”

On that subject James and I give a seminar together combining eastern medicine and western medicine. I talk about how by using Chinese herbs you can strengthen your digestive system and by using the detox system James promotes detoxify your liver.

Essentially I tell them that I am the mechanic that rebuilds your motor. And just like when you rebuild the motor in your car it just runs better. I explain this using 5 elements theory of how the liver and spleen function have a great deal to do with either weight gain or weight loss. How your emotions of stress and over thinking/over work inhibits the digestive system. Then I tell them that even when you rebuild your motor it is a good idea to clean the fuel filter and oil filter and that is what James does. By doing this your entire digestive system is working at 100% and you not only lose weight but you keep it off.

James and I work very well together and book many guests after this talk. We make a point of saying it is important that you see both of us. We also give them nutritional guidance and talk about exercise.

We also share in the income. Whatever herbs I sell from people that have come to the seminar I spilt 50/50 with James. Whatever he makes from selling the detox program he splits with me 50/50. Sometimes he sells more detox then I do herbs, other times I sell more herbs then he does detox and we have found that for the most part it evens out in the long run.

Another person I will cross promote with is the ionitherapist. I’ve done this on every ship I have been on. I also make a point of saying during my seminars that “if massage is warranted for your condition that we have highly trained therapist on board and I will suggest that you see them in conjunction with your acupuncture treatments.”

In closing I guess what I am saying is be honest, they can tell when you are not and will run away, be prepared for your seminars and know that if you have a bad week with the numbers it can all just be the luck of the draw and there is always the next week to come. Don’t beat yourself up…

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