Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For the most part most of us were disappointed in Fiji. We port in Suva and to get away we rented a car and drove around 200 miles round trip. The island was beautiful but really no beaches to speak of. In order to go to the beaches you have to pay $100 - $150 to get to the outer islands. That is what you see when you see commrcials or vacation pictures of Fiji. Around the main island and ports the water is not clear and there are beaches.

Arriving in Suva, Fiji


Some of the places James, Carolina and I found on our drive

And we found a great place to eat
The Lakeside Cafe

The next day we were in Denauru and we did find a place to hang out though and enjoyted teh pool and cold beers for a awhile.

Kat, Jessica and Dana

James, David, Dan and Dana

On the way back to the ship I did do a little shopping and watched a the local dancers perform

Portside local dancers

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